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Curator of Federation:

Shigeru Sugawara Hombu Dojo Shihan (7 Dan Aikido Aikikai)

The president of Federation:

Armen Avetisyan (4 Dan Aikido Aikikai)

Vice Presidents:

Hovhannes Hakobyan (2 Dan Aikido Aikikai)

Armen Khojayan (2 Dan Aikido Aikikai)

About Aikido

As a martial art, Aikido is of recent origin. However, it has incorporated in itself principles and methods that have a history of more than one century. It would be wrong to consider Aikido merely as a system of various techniques and methods. One must correctly understand the fact that a real battle hugely differs from a fight on the mat. When there are no rules limiting the actions of the fighters and the encounter is very likely to result in death, moral and psychological qualities come in the forefront. Thus, a physically weak person is quite capable of defeating a stronger one. Victory is not determined by physical power.

Being technically and physically fit is nothing as compared to spiritual power. Master Ueshiba used to say: “Do not stare into the eyes of your opponent: he may mesmerize you. Do not fix your gaze on his sword: he may intimidate you. Do not focus on your opponent at all: he may shatter your spirit. True Budo consists in the development of attention when the opponent is drawn into your sphere and you only have to continue the way.”

When the mind and attention are directed towards a concrete object it is easy to deflect them by a false movement or a lie. It is very hard to reach a state of calmness both outwardly and internally.

“When I am attacked, I remain calm; I am not bound up with life or death in any way. I pass everything to the spirit of the Universe” - Morihei Ueshiba.

The cornerstone of Aikido is the idea of harmony with the Universe during a combat, and that of the victory of technical mastery and mind. An aikidoka (the one who practices Aikido) must become one with the opponent, not being conscious of himself or herself at that moment, since self should simply not exist. Then, body and mind become a unified entity drawn by willpower and spirit. The one who is spiritually strong wins the battle before its start. That is why the main focus in Aikido is on the natural state of body and spirit through perceiving oneself as part and parcel of the Universe.

Aikido is undoubtedly a step forward if compared with all the other martial arts. Unlike traditional Budo, Aikido presupposes harmony in the world, while conflict is viewed as the violation of that integrity.